Opening your pool can be a hassle. Wrestling the cover,dropping debris in the pool. The leaks. Closing your pool can be a gamble. Did I really get all the water out of the lines???

Pool Openings:  With our opening service you get a full service.

  • Cover is removed, cleaned and professionally folded and stored.
  • All winterization plugs are removed and stored with cover.
  • Ladders, handrails, diving boards re-installed.
  • Baskets jet return fittings installed.
  • System is assembled and inspected.
  • Water is tested and balanced (if clear).
  • System is started and overall inspection of pool is performed.
  • Heater is started if operating.
  • DE is added if applicable.

Pool Closings:

  • Water is lowered if required.
  • Baskets, return fittings, ladders, handrails removed.
  • Lines are fully winterized.
  • System is fully winterized.
  • Winter chemical kit is added as well as pool line anti-freeze.
  • Cover is installed and inspected for safety.

Spa Closing

  • Water is drained from spa.
  • Sytem is put under vacuum of each zone.
  • Each zone is blown with three stage blower.
  • Filter is cleaned.
  • Pool line anti-freeze is added to trouble spots.
  • We wrap your cover in poly wrap to protect it and keep out snow/water.

Spa Opening

  • Spa shell is cleaned.
  • Connections are assembled.
  • Spa is filled and components are tested.
  • Initial shock is added (Other chemicals need water to reach 85 Degrees.
  • Tub and cover are inspected.




Prices vary based on equipment and type of pool i.e. gunite spa

Contact us for details and pricing.